Hanger Printing

Hot Foil Stamping , is a printing method in which a very thin film of aluminum (Foil) in various colors, using a “Cliché” and applying pressure, is transferred to surface of Kremastra.

To do this, the Cliché needs to be at a high temperature (approx. 100-120 οC) which helps the thin aluminum film to “stick” to the plastic hanger. A wide variety of colors is available for this type of printing: Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, White, Black, etc.

The result of the printing is a really wonderful effect that emphasizes the details of the design with a metallic sheen, giving the hanger logo a very beautiful presence.

Pad printing, also known as Tampography, is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object.

This is achieved by using an image or logo made of ink transferred from an engraved cliché via a silicone tampon on the hanger.

We have the ability to print two colors in the logos of your hangers.

This type of printing is used to print plastic items in the automotive industry, medical, sports equipment, clothing, electronics, toys, promotional items (pens, lighters), etc.
Excellent performance in the detail of each logo or design and in the coverage of the inks. Great variety of colors.

See below some of our samples: