Recycled PS Plastic Hangers

Recycled-PS Plastic Hangers

Plastic packaging has the main say in plastic waste. It is easy to use and is widely applied in many fields. At the same time, it protects food, beverages and other goods and keeps them intact during transport.

All types of plastics can and should be recycled.

In recycling, of course, it is necessary to separate the different types of plastics. There may be 2 or even 3 different types of plastic in a package. E.G. Plastic bottle – cap – label. After separation, plastic materials can be used to make products with similar properties to virgin materials.

In addition to food packaging, each household uses hundreds of pounds of polystyrene each year. This amount comes from different products, mainly packages of dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. It turns out that today Polystyrene is not recycled properly and adequately.

At this stage it is impossible to produce new packaging of goods from recycled Polystyrene. Although polystyrene is easily recycled, it cannot give us a product with as high quality as that of virgin material, so that it can be used in food packaging and obtain certificates of suitability for food contact. But it can be used very successfully in other areas.

Like for example in Plastic Clothing Hangers!

Some of our plastic hanger codes are made from Recycled Polystyrene, which came from hangers that were discarded through quality control.

These are shredded, recycled and the material is reused to create new Hangers, same quality with the rest

With this internal recycling, which takes place indoors in our production, we have energy savings, zero solid waste, protect the environment and have a product with a highly competitive price.